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The Richmond Consulting Group is a marine engineering consultant firm led by a Navy Captain familiar with the operation, design, construction, and repair of ships. Bruce Woodruff, President, is trained as a Chief Engineeer for steam systems and certified as a Fleet Boiler Inspector.

After his Navy career, Bruce was Division VicePresident and General Manager of a large 155,000 sq. ft. factory in Richmond for the Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) Turbine Manufacturing Division. This division served the North American utility industry and manufactured and repaired steam turbines, gas turbines and generators.

The Richmond Consulting Group provides expert witness support to law firms nationwide, Navy and Coast Guardprogram offices, as well as private and naval shipyards, and commercial shipbuilders:

Bruce and the Richmond Consulting Group provide expert support to shipyards, shipbuilders, US government program offices and attorneys:

1) US Navy and US Coast Guard shipbuilding program offices for general design and production support including claims and REAs on government contracts.

2) Law firms representing ship crew members and yard workers for mesothelioma claims and litigation.

3) Shipyards and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering firms performing the design, construction and repair of ships.

4) Law firms and public/private shipyards engaged in REAs and claims litigation that involves the cost, schedule, and performance of shipbuilding and ship repair programs.



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